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About Summit’24

Now in its 4th edition since its inception in 2021, the Tech Innovation Challenge (TiC Summit) stands as a testament to the power of technology in shaping young minds. Over these years, the summit has successfully inspired and empowered over 4,000 students, both directly and indirectly, fostering a culture of innovation and technological exploration among secondary school students. At the heart of the TiC Summit lies the challenge for participants to think creatively and innovatively, using technology as a tool to address real-world problems. This platform has encouraged students to form collaborative teams and bring their tech-driven ideas to life, from intricate software applications to advanced hardware prototypes

What you’ll


A cash price to be shared among the 3 finalists

3 Days deep dive training in product development and entrepreneurship and visits to high tech centers, startups and universities.

Mentorship from tech industry professionals

Get the opportunity to Qualify for scholarships and other opportunities through our partner organisation, Open Dreams.

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How It Works

Experience a journey of innovation and growth through our comprehensive four-step program designed to turn your ideas into reality.


Form Your Team

Start by creating or joining a team at your high school. This is where you'll interact with your peers, brainstorm, and cultivate the seeds of your tech project.


Embark on Training

Through the online portal, engage in a three-month online training and mentorship program. Our thoughtfully designed curriculum will walk you through the nuances of the design thinking process.


Develop Your Prototype and Business Model

Apply the skills and knowledge you've acquired to design and develop a prototype for your tech project, crafting a comprehensive business plan to support your vision.


Showcase at the Summit

The best projects will win an invitation to the tech innovation challenge summit in Yaounde, where you'll learn more on prototyping and entrepreneurship. Visit tech hubs, startups and innovation centers and showcase your work to a panel of industry experts. And Win Amazing prices

How to Participate in the TiC Summit



Be a secondary or High School Student and Apply by clicking on the Apply Button


Identify a Problem

Identify a problem in your community and provide an innovative idea on how to solve that problem using technology


Create Your Team

Create your team and start working on the first prototype of your project. At this level make sure you and your team are registered. This will permit our experienced mentors to guide you every step of the way.


Restless Re-Invention

Keep working and updating your prototye and also make sure to get other requirements ready like your Business plan


Pay your Registration Fee

This will grant you access to click on the final submit button


Submit Project

Make your Pitch Video and click on the final Submit Button

Our Testimonials

Hear what
Participants have to say

Nyaba King Mark

The TIC Summit was the best experience I have ever had in my life. I enjoyed every part of it ranging from the teaching right till the pitching of our projects. I sincerely loved the tutors and learnt a whole lot of things both tech wise and socially. Personally it was a super great experience and I intend partaking in the next competition and possibly winning.I advise and encourage everyone to take part in the TIC Summit as it is a great innovative environment for young minds

Fondzenyuy Beckline

I’m called Fondzenyuy Beckline and I am currently a student. My team was one of the finalists and winner of the Hackathon competition. We designed a website which connected farmers and consumers directly. The Tic summit for me was not only a competition but made me learn how to identify problems in the society and look for their solutions. I thought it was just a competition, but I also learnt how to express myself and speak in public.

Funwi Kelsea

It was a fun challenging experience which left me with a lot of mind blowing insights on tech and innovation and the drive to go out there and change the world by solving problems.

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